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Tenant Build-Out

Many office and retail buildings are constructed with empty tenant spaces consisting of little more than four walls and a door. The idea is that the spaces will be finished to meet the specific needs of each prospective tenant. The process of finishing out this raw space is known as the “build-out.” This is where we step in. Norris Building Company is flexible enough to meet virtually any need you may have when it comes to tenant build-out.

Typically an architect is already employed by the owner and has been involved with and finalized the design for the space before we begin the build-out. However, this is not always the case. We have completed many projects where we work hand in hand with the owner from the design phase through the custom build-out of the space.

Some examples of what we have built-out are office space, retail space, restaurants, libraries, and fitness centers.


On one hand, commercial renovation can be as simple as moving a few walls around or adding a new door, but on the other hand it can also be quite daunting, particularly in cases of structural repair or renovating an entire floor or building, especially when demolition is required.

While we have completed many renovation projects working exclusively with an owner, major renovation projects typically require an architect and an engineer to get involved and design a structural and architectural demolition and new architectural plan to aid us in the renovation process.

We have completed many renovation projects from the small to large-scale multi-story and multi-building renovations. Several examples of these can be found at the Retirement Systems of Alabama buildings scattered around downtown Montgomery. We have completed renovations in the R.S.A. Tower on more than 25% of the twenty-three story building. Another example would be a major renovation of two buildings covering seven stories we completed for the Alabama Department of Rehabilitation located on Perry St. in downtown Montgomery.

Other renovation projects we have completed are office buildings, retail space, schools, churches, retirement homes, restaurants, and banks.

New Construction

New commercial construction projects demand team discipline and coordination. As new industry techniques evolve on a daily basis and greater steps are taken to ensure environmental responsibility through green building efforts, we embrace these tools to help ensure a more environmentally efficient and better overall product for our clients.

In the construction industry, reputation means everything and it is a true barometer for a company’s success. We pride ourselves on not only the big picture goals for a project’s completion, but also the minute details that every client expects; these include but are not limited to responsiveness to a clients needs, relationships with architects and engineers, and working within a budget and completion schedule. Each project is special to us as a company and commands our full attention and respect from start to finish. We look forward to the opportunity to work with a new client to build their dream office or workplace.

A few examples of new construction projects we have completed are banks, schools, churches, general office buildings, retail buildings, restaurants, homes, fitness centers, and retirement homes.